Monday, July 16, 2012

Cheap SEO Packages - Buy Now!


Package A
Price: 250 USD
Keywords: 1-3
Total Links Monthly: 50+

Package B
Price: 450 
Keywords: 1-5
Total Links Monthly: 150+

Package C
Price: 750 USD 
Keywords: 1-10
Total Links Monthly: 300+

Package D
Price: 950 USD
Keywords: 1-15
Total Links Monthly: 450+

Package E
Price: 1200 USD
Keywords: 1-25
Total Links Monthly: 600+

*** The usual ranking for 1 site  is 3-6months, depends on the on the search engine algorithm.

(1 - 3 keywords)

Package s1
30 edu/gov profile links - 10 USD

Package s2
15 blog/forum comment links - 10 USD

Package s3
15 web 2.0 postings (you provide the articles) - 10 USD

Package s4
15 Directory Submissions - 10 USD

Package s5
20 Social Bookmarking - 10 USD

Package s6
2 video creations - 10 USD

Package s7
15 edu/gov blog postings (you provide the articles) - 10 USD


* To Order, email me at with the package you want.

* Please wait for my confirmation before paying.

* After you received my confirmation, I will give you my Paypal account where you will post your payment

* Copy the transaction details provided to you by Paypal

* Send me email with the following format:

Transaction ID:
Name/email in paypal:
Website/URLs to promote:
Anchor text or keywords:
Site description and other info:
Special instructions to the link builders:

***Please take note that small SEO packages and All-in-One SEO packages may take up to 2 - 3 weeks to complete and will be sent to you via excel in your email.***


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